For nearly 6 decades Precoat Metals has worked closely with customers and suppliers to develop solutions that enhance appearance, performance and longevity of building products. Our leadership and collaborative approach contributed to dramatic growth and widespread acceptance of precoated metal, making it the preferred material selection across the construction landscape. Today, our innovation efforts are taking the market to the next level. Our products can be found in these applications...
Roofing and Siding – Agricultural, Commercial/Industrial and Architectural Building Panels; Residential Roofing & Siding
Modular/Mobile Buildings and Housing – Modular and Manufactured Housing; Mobile Homes; Portable Buildings and Parts
Exterior Accessories – Awnings and Canopies; Gutters and Downspouts; Soffits, Fascia and Trim; Roof Curbs, Ridge Caps and Skylights; Window Wells
Structural and Mechanical – Framing; Decking; Purlins and Girts
Infrastructure – Culvert Pipe; Bridge Deck; Highway Sound Barriers
Precoat is able to coat a sizeable range of substrate types, widths and gauges. We also offer slitting and embossing capability required in this market. A wide variety of print patterns and effects available through the PCM Mimics and PCM Dimensions product families are prominently featured in these applications, e.g. our wood grain portfolio that includes eye-catching bi-directional patterns. Our products can be found in these applications...
Overhead Doors – Garage Doors; Rolling Doors
Entry Doors and Windows
Door and Window Components – Garage Door Openers; Hinges; Frames; Hasps; Handles; Muntins; Lifting and Locking Mechanisms
Precoat is THE industry leader in the surface-critical appliance market. We understand the stringent requirements of the market and have the necessary knowledge, experience and capability to process the complete array of substrates and coatings. We continue to assist in conversion from post-painting and provide innovative designs and functionality . Our multiple facilities offer logistical flexibility to optimize freight while also providing supply chain flexibility. Our products can be found in these applications...
Large Appliances – Refrigerators and Freezers; Cooking Equipment; Laundry Equipment; Dishwashers
Small Appliances and Electronics
Vending and Displays
Precoat has been at the forefront of conversion efforts from post-paint to pre-paint for many HVAC applications. Collaboration and innovation, such as PCM Foundations and PCM Xtremes products, were key to these successes. Precoat has responded to evolving market needs by adding slitting, embossing, blanking and shape correction capability across the plant footprint. These facilities match the broad cross-section specifications aligned with market requirements. Our products can be found in these applications...
HVAC Systems – Room Air Conditioners; Central Heat/Air Systems; Heating Equipment; Cooling Equipment; Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers
Water Heaters and Softeners
HVAC Accessories – Blowers, Fans and Air Handlers; HVAC Components; Vents and Louvers; Ductwork
The transportation market requires the ability to apply very challenging coatings over a multitude of aluminum and steel substrate types. PCM Xtremes and PCM Foundations provide solutions for many of these demanding applications. Width and gauge ranges are broad and available additional processing is often required. Precoat is fully capable of meeting all of these market challenges and is IATF 16949:2016 certified at multiple facilities. Our products can be found in these applications...
Motor Vehicles – Light Trucks and Vans; Passenger Automobiles; Medium and Heavy Trucks; Buses; Motorcycles
Trailers – Truck Trailers; Cargo Trailers
Recreational Vehicles – RVs; Travel Trailers and Campers
Other Transportation Modes –Rail; Shipbuilding and Marine
Parts and Accessories
Precoat Metals is the leading independent coater in the containers and packaging market. Our ability to apply decorative and functional coatings and film laminates over very light gauge aluminum, tin mill products and cold rolled steel makes Precoat the go-to option. PCM Foundations includes coatings that meet stringent FDA food safety requirements associated with many container applications. Our products can be found in these applications...
Food and Beverage Containers – Caps and Closures; Tabs; Ends; Can Bodies
General Line Containers – Aerosol Valve Cups; Decorative and Functional Packaging
Barrels, Drums and Pails
Other Containers and Packaging – Tanks and Cylinders; Ordnance; Strapping and Seals
B & C products encompass a variety of applications that utilize stainless steel, aluminum and a multitude of carbon steel products. The coatings and film laminates Precoat applies in this market range from decorative to functional, performance-oriented products. Value-added processing is often required and our innovative PCM Dimensions , PCM Mimics and/or PCM Foundations products may be utilized among the diverse applications within this market. Our products can be found in these applications...
Furniture & Fixtures – Household and Outdoor Furniture; Office Furniture; Interior Wall Panels/ Enclosures; Fixtures and Shelving
Lighting – Lighting Fixtures; Lighting Ballasts/Transformers
Window Equipment – Venetian Blinds; Window and Drapery Hardware, Parts and Fittings
Ceiling Products – Ceiling Panels; Ceiling Grid; Suspended Ceiling Systems
Electrical Equipment – Motor Laminations; Power and Communications Equipment; Electrical Conduit and Raceways
Machinery and Equipment – Farm, Construction and Industrial Machinery & Equipment; Process Vessels; Elevators, Escalators & Walkways
Other Business & Consumer Products – Lawn & Garden Equipment; Toys and Sporting Goods; Hardware; Pipe & Tube; Signs and Displays