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Quality Policy

Our value is in offering premium quality products, cost effective services, and new opportunities to our customers, employees, and suppliers. Increasing the value of Precoat Metals is everyone's responsibility. ADD VALUE

Environmental Policy

Precoat Metals is committed to (1) comply with all applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which we subscribe and that are related to its environmental aspects; (2) continual improvement in our environmental management activities; and (3) pollution prevention in all of our business activities.

Within the defined scope of its environmental management system, we will endeavor to:

  • Establish objectives and targets that consider environmental aspects as an integral part of our business decision-making process.
  • Promote conservation of resources by reusing, recycling and adopting processes which conserve the use of raw materials, water and energy.
  • Strive to reduce the generation of waste from existing operations and to include waste minimization in the design of future operations.
  • Develop employee knowledge and understanding of environmental issues related to each job function.
  • Communicate this environmental policy to all persons working for or on behalf of the organization and make it available to the public.

Implementation of this environmental policy is a primary management objective and the responsibility of all employees of Precoat Metals.

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